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{Las Vegas Baby Photographer} Two of My Loves

There are not words enough to describe how much I love this image of  Calista and Gabriel.  I have had people comment that at first, they thought she was his mother.  I even had to do a double take – my sweet girl is looking so grown up!  She just celebrated her 15th birthday this month, in fact.  But the ‘she looks like his mother’ comments do not bother me as she is like a little mother hen in our family – I feel that this is a very appropriate way to depict them.  I love the intimate, simple pose and serious expressions.  I love everything about this!  Unfortunately, someone felt the need to report this photograph to the powers that be on Facebook, and over 1200 likes and nearly 100 comments were erased just like that.  This is the next best thing since Facebook cannot censor what I put on my own blog.  I love this image so much!


And to share where the inspiration for this photo came from, I created a very similar photo of Calista with her new baby sister, Octavia just over 4 years ago.  I am still insanely in love with this photo to this day!  Look how much Calista has grown up in 4 short years – wow!


{Las Vegas Baby Photographer} Snow Baby

I’ve had this picture in my head for months now – Gabriel dressed in a wooly, warm, white knit outfit hamming it up for the camera in a winter paradise.  Only one problem – it hasn’t snowed here this winter!  Being the determined little photographer once I get an idea in my head, we decided to take a day road trip and head to Flagstaff.  Even Flagstaff didn’t have much snow, so we headed all the way up to the ski area.  Luckily, at this high elevation (about 9,200 ft) we found what I was looking for.  Tree branches weighted down by fresh snow fall, and a beautiful winter wonderland.

I knew we’d have to make this quick as no baby is going to put up with the cold temperatures for very long.  We left the heat of the car and I quickly found a nearby spot that was exactly what I was looking for.  I got everything ready and then we brought in Gabriel.  Luckily, he thought this was flat out amazing and was full of happy smiles!  That only lasted about 2 minutes, however.  Once he grew bored of the operation, he decided to make a break for it.  One little fist went into the snow as he attempted to crawl away.  He quickly yanked it back out, looked at it pitifully, and then burst into tears.  That was the end of that!  So – we drove 3 hours for 2 photos.  But the good news is that these photos were TOTALLY worth it to me.  I had a few other ideas in my head that I had wanted to do, but I am thrilled with what I got.  I LOVE these.  My baby is so sweet!  On a side note, doesn’t it seem like I just had him??  How on earth did he get so big?  Slow down, little buddy!

baby boy dressed in white knit outfit sits in snow and smiles for camera

baby boy dressed in white sits in snow and smiles for camera

{Las Vegas Baby Photographer} Gabriel | 6-7 Months

Wow, long time no blog! *dusting off the ole’ blog*  So I’ve spending some much needed time relaxing with my family this winter.  Other than one very special newborn session that I shot in December (that I cannot share – I am sorry!), I have taken December and January off from shooting client sessions.  I’m back to work in February though, and have a lot of great sessions coming up!

Back to the current time – I wanted to share some of my sweet baby boy’s newest photos.  You all may have seen these already on my Facebook page, but if not, I’m happy to share them here!  Gabriel is changing and growing at an alarming rate!  Didn’t I just have him??  What’s he been up to, you ask?  In the past couple of months since I last shared photos of him, he’s learned to sit himself up, crawl, and is standing now too!  How did this happen?  He is just beginning to learn to eat solid food – so far, it’s a big fat no to bananas and pears and a resounding YES to sweet potatoes.  It is so fun watching him grow and learn!  He is so adored by all of his brothers and sisters and there is never a shortage of people to entertain and play with him.  He’s one lucky little guy. <3

Here are a few photos I’ve taken of Gabriel this past month.  I have to add that out of 10 children so far, Calista was the only one to keep her baby blues.  So far, so good with Gabriel though!  I’ve been wanting another blue eyed baby for so long, and his are just amazing!  Maybe he’ll luck out and get to keep them. ;)  I have to say, biased or not, he’s one CUTE baby.  I am a lucky mama.

Las-Vegas-Baby-Photographer-Gabriel-6-Months-Old-01 Las-Vegas-Baby-Photographer-Gabriel-6-Months-Old-02 Las-Vegas-Baby-Photographer-Gabriel-6-Months-Old-03 Las-Vegas-Baby-Photographer-Gabriel-6-Months-Old-04 Las-Vegas-Baby-Photographer-Gabriel-6-Months-Old-05 Las-Vegas-Baby-Photographer-Gabriel-6-Months-Old-06 Las-Vegas-Baby-Photographer-Gabriel-6-Months-Old-07 Las-Vegas-Baby-Photographer-Gabriel-6-Months-Old-08


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