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{Las Vegas Portrait Photographer} The Valley of Fire Workshop

Meg Bitton and I had had this workshop planned for months – gorgeous models, jaw dropping scenery, and a lot of learning, friends, and fun.  We were a little worried about the weather to start things off.  It NEVER rains in Vegas, but it decided to get all dark and gloomy on us the day of our workshop.  As things would turn out, the dramatic skies and rain soaked red rocks made for some amazing photos.  Our models and attendees were real troopers and made a cool and chilly day into an amazing experience for everyone.  Thank you all SO much for a wonderful, successful workshop!  We hope to do it again next year and hope you can join us!

Here are a few of the images I captured during the workshop.  Enjoy! :)

Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer Las-Vegas-Child-PhotographerLas-Vegas-Child-PhotographerLas-Vegas-Child-Photographer Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer Las-Vegas-Maternity-PhotographerLas-Vegas-Maternity-PhotographerLas-Vegas-Maternity-Photographer Las-Vegas-Maternity-PhotographerLas-Vegas-Maternity-Photographer

Our awesome maternity models, despite a long and very cold day, braved downtown Fremont Street in old Vegas for us for some night photography.  I had never shot at night before using ambient city lighting, but it was so much fun and definitely a new and amazing experience!



{Las Vegas Child Photographer} Elliott & His Chicken

Do you want to know what’s cuter than cute?  My beautiful, curly haired little boy holding one of his chickens!  It really doesn’t get much cuter than a beautiful child and a sweet hen.  We live on a little wannabe farm on the outskirts of Kingman AZ (about 100 miles south of Las Vegas) and chickens are a big thing around here.  We have about 40 of them and have raised most of them ourselves since they were tiny, newly hatched chicks.  This sweet girl was hatched here at our house – which, by the way, is an AMAZING thing for your children to witness.  If you ever get the chance to let your children experience hatching some chicks, do not pass it up!

I’ve found a sweet spot right near our house with the most amazing light, and the rich, warm colors that I love so much.  This first image of my little Elliott ranks in my top 10 favorite images I’ve ever taken.  I cannot wait to get this one up on my wall.  Elliott has such a sweet, gentle, compassionate spirit and I think you can see that in his eyes in this photograph.  It sums up his personality perfectly.

Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-01 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-02 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-03

{Las Vegas Child Photographer} Zoe & Zelda

Anyone who knows me or follows my work knows that there are some things that I just LOVE to photograph.  Red heads are one of them.  There is just something about that fiery hair that gets the photographer in me all excited and itching to go out and shoot!  What could be better than one gorgeous red head?  How about TWO identical twin red headed beauties!  These girls were SO sweet, and were intense, emotional, and flat out AMAZING in front of the camera.  Watching the dynamics between them was something truly special, and I feel privileged that I was able to capture them on my camera.  What amazing little girls!  I definitely sensed a bit of yin and yang going on with these two – Zelda definitely seemed to be the strong twin who was protective over her sister, while Zoe was a bit more submissive.  I’m not sure if this plays out in real life or not, but I’d like to think that I caught just a glimpse of their personalities during this shoot.  I’m already plotting another shoot with them.  Meet Zoe and Zelda.

red headed twin girls in front of old building in Jerome AZ red headed twin girls outdoors in Sedona, AZ red haired twin sisters back lit outdoors red headed identical twin sisters standing outdoors in the sun in Sedona AZ


identical twin red haired sisters embrace outdoors


identical twin red headed girls laugh outside

identical twin red headed sisters outside back lit in evening sun

identical twin red headed sisters outside back lit in evening sun identical twin sisters with red hair hug each other outside in Sedona AZ close up portrait of girl with red hair and green eyes outside close up portrait of laughing girl with red hair and green eyes outdoors

I had to add this environmental shot so you can see the area we were working in.  It is flat out AMAZING!  If you’re ever in Arizona and have some free time, you must visit the Sedona area.  It is gorgeous!

identical twin red headed sisters standing in front of Cathedral Rock in Sedona AZ

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